Monday, March 30, 2009

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

I have always wanted to have a special little place. The Rick's Café Americain of my hometown. Sadly, it is cost restrictive.

The other day a gentleman who owns one of the loveliest little nurseries I have ever seen offered me a space. It is already set up for the facility, but it needs a good espresso machine and stock, and, sadly I am in no position to fund that at this time. The space is exceptional, opening into a beautiful garden patio and with a couple of peaceful fountains running. There is a marble fireplace for the cooler months. I envision a place for poetry readings and jazz. A truly cool, beat café of the type that I have not known for many years.

I am hoping that Big Coffee (or, perhaps, Little Coffee) will come along and affect my dream.

What I need is:

  1. Professional grade espresso machine, preferably of the old, manual variety
  2. Professional grade grinder
  3. Professional grade coffee brewing apparatus
  4. Storage for coffee and tea
  5. Ceramic service ware for various sizes of café beverages
  6. Paper goods including plates, cups and utensils
  7. Stock of coffees and teas

I propose that the supplier of the aforementioned shopping list provide it up front and that we pro-rate the payment for the first three months, until the café is a going operation.

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