Sunday, January 18, 2009


In doing my wardrobe research I came across a poorly written website with some decent information on it, and some blatant misinformation. The thing that offended me the most was that it accused Steed of wearing Chelsea boots, the fashion of the Beatles and other mods. In truth Steed wore fine looking Jodhpurs, unchanged in style since the 1870s, complete with elastic sides. The Chelsea boots that he is claiming that Steed wore were normally higher heeled and had pointed toes, the Jodhpurs do not.

Steed was a gentleman and a horseman and wore the footwear of a and equestrian gent. He often integrated hacking jackets into his wardrobe and periodically rode in the series. It is a natural extension that he should wear Jodhpurs. It is not, however, any sort of connection that he would wear mod fashion. This person claimed that Steed integrated a good deal of mod fashion into his wardrobe, but it is simply not the case - Steed was a classic.

Why this rankles with me so much, I cannot say, but it truly does.

The end.

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